RIP John Noveske


To help identify zombies from humans and to give our Noveske more flexibility in low light use, we installed a Crimson Trace forward grip on the picatinny rail system.  The Crimson Trace grip features a high output LED light and a laser in one ergonomic unit.  The grip has built in ambidextrous rubber waterproof switches to activate the light or laser.  The laser aiming point can be adjusted for windage or elevation.  The Crimson Trace grip is waterproof and ruggedized. 
We used a Magpul MOE grip for its ergonomic shape and in-board storage compartment where we carry spare springs, gas rings, hammer, firing pin and pins.  These small parts are easily lost or can break.
Relax, this isn't an evil people killing high capacity magazine.  It is a California legal Magpul PMAG that is limited to a 10 round capacity.  It is also fixed in place where it takes a while to change and is impossible to change by hand without a special tool.  The PMAG is crush resistant and has a jam reducing anti tilt follower.
The Noveske muzzle device reduces muzzle climb and flash. It is also designed to reduce dust being raised from muzzle blast.
Our AR15 is super accurate.  it has shot under one minute of angle with match ammunition!  Many target rifles can't do that. An AR15 has a no nonsense industrial look to it that traditional gun lovers consider ugly.  We think that highly finished guns look great but the AR15 has an all functional look to it much like a race car.  Hopefully with a bunch of new gun control laws coming, the lawmakers will not ban the versatile AR15 due to its “dangerous” looks.  To us, the AR15 is the ultimate sporting rifle, super accurate, and stone reliable under all sorts of conditions.  Its tremendous flexibility with its ability to change configurations in seconds make it like several guns together.
John Noveske was a mechanical genius and innovator bringing superior performance and quality to the consumer.  RIP John Noveske.




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