RIP John Noveske


Modern optics make shooting a lot easier nowadays in many conditions.  Hunters hunt at night, shooting contests are now also sometimes held in the dark.  To be super versatile we chose EOTech's HSS1 sighting system for our AR.  The EOTech system consists of their EXPS-3 holographic site which is like a heads up display that allows shooting with both eyes open for fast action, useful in hunting and action shooting competition. The EXPS-3 is paired up with a G33 3.25X magnifier for long range use. The EOTech display shows a small 1 milliradian aiming point with 3 other aiming points to compensate for bullet drop of the .223 cartridge at 0 to 300, 400, 500 and 600 meters.  The dots are located within a circle, the top of which serves as a close in zero to 7 meter aiming point.  The display brightness is adjustable for conditions and the whole unit is waterproof and ruggdized to military specs.
For close in work the magnifier swings to the side which leaves you with a heads up both eyes open display for very fast action.  Both optic units attach to the picatinny rail through quick release mounts which enable you to remove and replace the optics quickly with no tools.  This is handy if you have optics failure or a dead battery.  The mounts will return to zero with no adjustment due to their precision.
In case of optics problems the Noveske has fully functional iron sights.  The sights are strong and flex free and work perfectly fine on their own.  They fold out of the way or they can be used as co-witnessed sights through the optics.
Here is the sight extended. The grooves are to reduce reflections.  The front sight is adjustable for elevation.
The rear sight folds to be out of the way for the magnifier but it can pop up to be used as a co-witnessed sight through the EXPS-3.
The rear sight is extended.  You can look through the site through the EXPS-3. This sort of serves the same function as tritium night sights.  The rear sight is adjustable for windage.

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