Rotary Love 16X


Here are a pair of the 16X rotors. They look huge compared to a 13B rotor. I hope Mazda is able to use some innovative engineering to keep the rotor mass down. Nobody likes a low revving rotary.

Whatever happens, I am glad that Mazda is continuing development on the rotary. There are rumors of the return of a RX-7 even. The rotary has made Mazda what it is today. Do you remember the 626? Barely. Do you remember the Millenia? Hell no. The 323GTX was very cool, but you don't see many of them anymore because they all fell apart 5 years later. You might be a Miata fan, but Miatas are a straight up Lotus Elan rip off and the Mazda B series engines are boring and are not challenging whatsoever to build and tune. The Mazdaspeed 3 is a heavy wrong wheel drive tank and can barely get out of it's own way without serious mods. The Mazda 3, 5, and 6 are great civilian cars (the 5 is awesome), but they don't go fast. The Mazda RX series have always been original cars (with the exception of the FC RX-7 which was clearly a Porsche 944 copy). In today's economic climate of car manufacturers literally bitching out of designing and offering sports cars or homologation specials, I genuinely hope that Mazda continues on it's proven path of designing cars it has a passion for. I truly hope the next rotary engines and the cars they come in make me want a rotary powered car just like I was 15 again.


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