SEMA Sneak Peek 2016- An Exclusive Chevrolet Event


Chevrolet Performance Test Car 2 was proudly displayed in the meeting/dining area. Close inspection shows just how stock a majority of the car is, as well as what has been done in the name of speed and safety.


Test Car 1 was also in attendance and provided a burnout and drag launch demo right outside the indoor meeting area. 


The race-winning, supercharged “COPO” Camaro was also on display. This is a more race-focused platform than the test cars.


Shod with massive drag slicks and small diameter wheels, the COPO is set up for great traction.


The required parachute is another indication of the COPO's 1/4 mile pace potential. 

To all of our road course racers and enthusiasts out there, Chevrolet hasn’t completely forgotten about road course racing and has a SCCA racing program with professional driver, Todd Napieralski. Both Todd and the stealthy SCCA-prepped Camaro were in attendance for the event and also at the SEMA show. Todd races in T2, which is a club racing touring class where very minimal modifications can be done to the racecars. Typical allowed modifications for the class are usually upgraded shocks, brakes, springs, sway bars, and any other platform specific and SCCA committee cleared upgrades. Most racecars in T2 have a significant power restriction. The 6th generation Camaro, for example, runs a 60mm intake restrictor as well as a 3600 pound minimum weight, including driver. Todd did well regionally this year and placed seventh nationally at the highly competitive and well-renowned 2016 SCCA Runoffs. We are wishing the team best of luck next year, and we are hoping for a Team Chevy podium finish at the Runoffs for 2017!


Chevrolet's SCCA T2 class race effort has Todd Napieralski behind the wheel. 

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