SEMA Sneak Peek 2016- An Exclusive Chevrolet Event


The second day of the event was the day that I was most curious about, since we were scheduled to test drive several different Camaros and the new Cruze hatch. After an enjoyable cup of coffee from our trackside hotel room, our private Suburban chauffer took us to the morning briefing and breakfast. They discussed the three activities that we would alternate between, which were installing performance parts on Silverados and Colorados, auto-crossing the Cruze hatch, and driving the Camaros on track. Our group started off in the garage to do the performance parts installations, where we were able to see how quick and easy it is to install an exhaust on a Silverado, an intake on a Colorado, and a folding tonneau cover on a Silverado.


Silverado performance exhaust system ready for installation. 


Media had the opportunity to get hands on and install the parts with assistance from top GM technicians.


The Colorado's performance intake install was quick and easy, even for the novice mechanic. 


A clean fit and finish as well as improved visual appearance and performance.

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