SEMA Sneak Peek 2016- An Exclusive Chevrolet Event


On hand were two all new Chevy Cruzes in 100% stock trim (red), and two Cruzes with the performance suspension, brakes, instake, and exhaust upgrades. A small auto-cross style course was set up to be able to compare back-to-back differences in a short amount of time. 


Clint looked forward to getting a feel for the new car's handling behavior, since the chassis has been redesigned for new suspension geometry, compared to the last generation Cruze. 


Acceleration was solid with the more powerful turbo engines. The braking had a soft bite but was easy to modulate. The overall grip and turn in capability was respectable, but it lacked rotation. 


The power oriented upgrades on the modified white Cruzes were instantly noticeable from launch. The first chicane approached significantly quicker.  


Once braking and turn in was initiated, the improved brake package and suspension upgrades shined brightly. 


Body roll was reduced tremendously and exit traction was far better despite having to control more power. Rotation was also improved, but on such a short low-speed course, a touch more would've helped. 

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