Silver State Classic Part 1


After a 100 mile scenic drive backwards on the course, we tried to get a feel for things and drove through a surprise thundershower. We rolled into Ely and rushed to check into our hotel and get to another mandatory event, a dinner and cocktail party in downtown Ely.  Ely is a very small town and the Silver State is the biggest thing to happen all year.  The whole town comes out and it’s a huge celebration that seemingly involves the whole town which piles hospitality upon the racers.  For us it was all a bit overwhelming but some people revel in the attention. After day one of the dog and pony show, we staggered to our beds in anticipation of a busy next day.

We had to stop and admire the beauty of the sudden thundershower in the middle of the desert


Annie and I apply the mandatory event sponsor decals as we wait in the tech line
Billy Johnson’s FX Motorsports Development crew and the NSX await tech inspecting.  Turns out they were the only people we knew that the event.  Mike Angel, normally Billy’s crew chief drove the NSX in the Z1Z and High Noon Shootout events
You just failed tech, just kidding!  After initially giving us a bunch of crap, the tech inspector told us they really liked the thoroughness of the B12’s prep
No one questioned these switches on the NSX during tech

We woke up before dawn and got in line for tech inspection, today was the day we were planning to run in the Z1Z which was an event to see who could accelerate to 100 mph then come to a stop the fastest and the Half Mile Shootout another race to see who was the fastest in the flying half mile.  After running around in the dog and pony show to find the tech inspection area, after sailing through tech, our next event was a mandatory car show at the Ely high school stadium. 

Exotics were well represented at the car show, also mandatory!

Surprisingly many people found the B12 interesting
Unlimited class cars are always interested and this classic second gen Camaro is no exception
This unlimited car won the event overall, it averaged almost 200 mph, the aero stuff although crude looking is effective
One of the many Panteras at the event, for some reason this event has always been very popular with Pantera owners
Mid engine, V-8 old school Corvair.  The Silver State Classic also attracts many homebuilt specials

The car show was a hit with the locals and we got a chance to relax a bit and check out the interesting cars competing in the event which ran the gauntlet from exotics to vehicles that looked like they rolled off the set of Mad Max. After the car show we drove to another location on the edge of town for another drivers meeting for the Z1Z challenge.

Another drivers meeting at the staging area for the Z1Z and High Noon Shootout, yes this was mandatory
This BMW was equipped with a NASCAR small block Chevy complete with a dry sump
We were up against and beat, this GT40
In line to run at the Z1Z

This event entails accelerating to 100 mph and braking back down to zero in the shortest time and distance.  It’s the ultimate test of acceleration and braking. The results are recorded by a Racepak Data System with the results being the best data of 3 runs, the results being judged by feet taken to do the maneuver.  With our lightweight Sentra sporting well over 400 turbocharged SR20DE whp with fresh and sticky Toyo RA-1 race rubber with big Fastbrake 4-piston calipers, we were confident that we would at least place favorably from the field of big gun cars, Vipers, Z06 Corvettes, crazy homebuilt specials, EVO’s and the FX Motorsports Development Time Attack NSX that Billy Johnson usually pilots. The Sentra looked strangely out of place in line with the exotics and heavily modified big gun cars.

Stage to go on the Z1Z!

The Z1Z is somewhat dangerous as well, due to the crown on the road and perhaps driver lameness, some cars have crashed heavily during this event, even ones with ABS.  The desert floor has soft spots and things that can catch on a cars chassis and make it flip.  Know the dangers made us pretty cautious but we proceeded.

Go!  We get the green on the Z1Z!
Lack of wheel blur is due to the slipping clutch!


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