SlipAngle Podcast /// Eddie Lee of Titan 7 Wheels helped shape the US Sport Compact Market as we know it

Eddie Lee of Titan 7 Wheels stops by to chat about how he helped shape the import culture in North America as we know it.  In the late 1990s Eddie left his job at a bank, started working at Mackin Industries and worked his way up to being their General Manager.  In the process, he helped grow some of the best known names in the import industry such as Volks and Rays.  His new venture, Titan 7 Wheels, brings all his knowledge of the wheel market, production, and design into play and it shows in their products.  Listen as Mike and Austin talk to him about what makes Titan 7 Wheels what they are and learn a little more about this veteran of the import culture in North America.

Listen in below or on any of your favorite podcast apps by searching for “SlipAngle powered by MotoIQ”.

SlipAngle powered by MotoIQ – Episode 244 – Eddie Lee of Titan 7 Wheels



  1. Another great podcast. Glad to see someone is still trying (successfully) to reinvent the wheel. Or atleast, re-engineer it.

  2. They say that humans invented the wheel, but I think nature did. How could a bored ancient human see a tumbleweed rolling in front of him/her and not find inspiration?

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