SlipAngle Podcast /// Rathyna Gomer talks Drifting, The Drift League, and shares stories about Mike


Austin and Mike hang out with Rathyna Gomer to talk 350Z drift cars, MotoIQ’s The Drift League, and some stories about Mike that we’ve never heard before. Rathyna runs MotoIQ’s social media, is a principal in The Drift League and has some “horrible cars” according to Mike. Hanging around the shop so much she’s got some dirt on Mike that will make you laugh. Tune in to this laughter filled episode to hear all about it.


Rathyna Gomer is one of the founders of The Drift League and is also a drifter herself. Her 350Z build has been a bit of a basketcase build (like the rest of her cars), but we’re slowly but surely setting her on the right path.


Also learn about what MotoIQ and The Drift League are doing to increase safety in amateur drifting.


The Drift League is trying to elevate the level of safety and build quality at the grassroots level through actual tech inspections and a detailed rule set.


Want to compete or watch The Drift League? Click The Drift League logo for more info on our upcoming events!


SlipAngle powered by MotoIQ – Episode 253 –┬áRathyna Gomer talks Drifting, Drift League, and shares stories about Mike:

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  1. Great podcast. Hearing the safety concerns really hit home. This was one of the reasons I stopped drifting and turned more attention toward road racing/motorcycles. The level of car prep was (and still is, 15+ years later) astonishingly bad.

    I feel for Rathyna about struggling to get good turnout with ‘stringent’ safety regulations, but you’d much rather have 30 drivers with no incidents than 300 drivers, 3 fires and 2 injuries. I’ve always thought hosting a ‘tech day’ would be a good idea. Pay a small amount, come out and have someone who has knowledge actually show you the minimum proper safety requirements. I’m hoping as said in the podcast, these drifters are ‘dumb’ without knowing it, not ‘trying to be dumb’.

  2. Just wanna say love the pod. The OG “Slide Squad” with the milspec honda civic was Dave Scholz at ig: sennavsprost and the baby blue s13 was Mark Hutchinson at ig: mark_slide_squad

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