Sneak Peek: Bothwell Motorsports Pro Mod Camaro


Boost is around 40psi, so V-band clamps are a good way to keep the charge pipe attached to the turbo outlet. A Turbosmart blow-off valve is mounted just after the bend exiting the compressor outlet.
The passenger side turbo has a speed sensor installed (the red/white wires lead to it).
Controlling the boost is a Turbosmart PowerGate60 wastegate for each turbo.
SFI mandates the use of cross bolts at the discharge of the turbine housing on all turbos, so that’s the extra stainless steel cylinder you can see between the turbine housing outlet and the shorty exhaust pipe. The use of cross bolts on the turbine discharge has been common practice in truck and tractor pulling for some time.
Directing air to the turbos are these 7” diameter ducts that mate up to the holes in the hood. Typically, drag cars have their turbo(s) on the front of the car and forward facing. One potential downside to that is sucking in debris. With these turbos grabbing air from above the hood, the likelihood of sucking in bits that could damage the compressor wheel and engine is greatly reduced.


  1. After a single run in the first round at Fontana, Snavely clicked off 5.342 and 5.320 runs (1,000-foot distance) to win the trophy. The team’s goal is to run NHRA next year, so intercoolers were not installed, although they are legal for the NMCA competition.

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