Sneak Peek: Bothwell Motorsports Pro Mod Camaro


There’s not much to the front suspension. The cars have a minimum weight, so ballast is strategically placed; you can see the big chunk of ballast mounted at the front of the chassis.
Putting down a couple thousand plus horsepower are these massive Hoosier slicks mounted on Lamb wheels. Check out the size of the rear end in order to handle the torque!
Of course, parachutes are required to bring the car down from speed.
There’s just a basic steering wheel in here with a Racepak dash feeding the necessary info to the driver.
In the event of a crash, the driver’s head is well protected.

So there’s just a brief glimpse of a 2014 NMCA West Pro Mod class champion. It’s really amazing how fast basically privateer drag cars have become with this car having clicked off 5.3 second runs in the 1000’. Sure, it’s not exactly cheap, but you can fairly easily buy everything on this car. There are no secret tricks, just a well-built car with all the components working well together and well-tuned.


  1. After a single run in the first round at Fontana, Snavely clicked off 5.342 and 5.320 runs (1,000-foot distance) to win the trophy. The team’s goal is to run NHRA next year, so intercoolers were not installed, although they are legal for the NMCA competition.

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