Sneak Peek: COBB Tuning’s 2012 Ford Focus – Part 1


Of course, cleaning metal before welding is obvious to most, but there are other signs that shows a shop pays attention to every detail, like using painter's tape to protect the bumper from getting damaged by welding cables.

COBB Tuning 2012 Ford Focus Ford Focus TIG welding Roll Cage

Once the roll cage was completed, the entire interior was sprayed in white to assist in locating cracks and other signs of failure in the chassis.  This is especially important on areas like where these dimple-die pressed gussets are welded to the chassis.

COBB Tuning 2012 Ford Focus Roll Cage Painted Gusset

COBB Tuning 2012 Ford Focus Roll cage stripped complete

And the interior was reassembled to allow for some comfort for the driver, as well as to comply with the Time Attack rules when the vehicle was constructed. 

COBB Tuning 2012 Ford Focus Roll cage interior

Re-integrating trim pieces back into a racecar can often be a difficult task, but COBB managed to repurpose items like the HVAC panel, now the starter, fire control, kill switch, lights and wipers panel. 

COBB Tuning 2012 Ford Focus Trim Panel

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