Sneak Peek: COBB Tuning’s 2012 Ford Focus – Part 1


To keep weight down, the starter spinning, and electronics working, COBB installed a Braille Carbon Fiber battery.  At under 12lbs, this lightweight battery still generates over 300 cranking amps, which is more than sufficient for starting a smaller engine like in the Focus when above freezing temperatures.

COBB Tuning 2012 Ford Focus Braille Battery

Racetech 4009HR racing seats and 6-point HANS-compatible harnesses round out the interior modifications to the car.  Mounted on COBB-frabricated seat mounts to replace the factory sheetmetal mounts, the Racetech seats have shells made of fiberglass to spread crash impacts more evenly to the driver's body, and feature full head restraints.  The seats save a lot of weight over the factory units, weighing in at only 18.7lbs per seat.

COBB Tuning 2012 Ford Focus RaceTech 4009HR racing seat


Stay tuned for part 2 of our coverage on COBB Tuning's Ford Focus SE, as we delve into engine modifications, aerodynamics, and suspension modifications.  In the meantime, check out Part 1 of COBB's Documentary on their Focus. 




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