Sneak Peek: COBB Tuning’s 2012 Ford Focus – Part 1


The attention to the function and cleanliness of the interior continues with these COBB door cards, made entirely of wet layup carbon fiber.  These cards protect the driver from the sharp edges of the gutted door, look great, and add very little weight to the car.

COBB Tuning 2012 Ford Focus Carbon Fiber Door Cards

Anti-Car-B-Q duties are entrusted to a SPA Technique FireSense fire suppression system.  The FireSense system is FIA homologated, and uses 3M's Novec 1230 Halon replacement.  Novec 1230 is non-toxic, leaves no residue behind, and perhaps most importantly has no effect on electronics.  Often times, the driver is faced with the no-win scenario of letting the fire burn, or trashing everything inside the car when pushing that big red button.  The FireSense system helps limit the cost of fire system deployment to whatever damage the fire caused and recharging the system.  The reservoir bottle's carbon fiber construction also helps save some weight and add some visual appeal.

COBB Tuning 2012 Ford Focus SPA Technique FireSense

To keep the driver's critical body parts and limbs inside the vehicle, a Safecraft window net was installed.  The CNC machined giant red release button is actually a much-needed improvement over the more common GM-style seatbelt buckle release, which can be difficult to use with gloves on in a panic situation – such as when the car is on fire.

COBB Tuning 2012 Ford Focus Safecraft Window Net

To help the driver keep tabs on engine status, Cosworth's ECPro was used to simplify the stock instrument panel, as well as give more accurate readings than the stock instruments allowed.  One of the biggest benefits when switching to a multi-function-display (MFD) like the ECPro is it allows the driver to be informed of events requiring attention without forcing him to actually look at the gauges by using red lights to attract the driver's attention through peripheral vision.  This also makes it far less likely an impending problem will go unnoticed in the event the driver forgets to sweep the gauges, or isn't looking at them at all – such as when exiting a corner.

COBB Tuning 2012 Ford Focus Cosworth ECPro MFD Dash

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