Sneak Peek: Home-Built Pikes Peak Racer
The brakes are Brembo calipers with 2-piece rotors that are fed cooling air through ducts.


The 13” OZ wheels don’t leave a lot of space for the Brembo brake system.


The front hub is pretty carved out to reduce weight. Even the ribs have a hole in the middle to shave mass.


The rear suspensions is common motorsports inboard pushrod formula car stuff. From the looks of it, there is also a provision for a third spring.


Here you can see the speed sensor reading off the axle. Check out all the mounting options for the suspension control arms. Awesome if you know what you’re doing and a good way to screw up handling if you don’t.


  1. What a cool project. Bummer they didn’t really get to compete this year. Some pictures of the complete car would be a nice follow up.

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