Sneak Peek: Home-Built Pikes Peak Racer
Robin and the team designed their own paddle shift system which uses this actuator. Apparently, Motec charges a whole lot of money for a paddle shift system. Again, being engineers Robin and his team made their own.


The end-plate design of the front wing is reminiscent of those on Formula1 cars.


The wing mounts are beefy looking CNC’d pieces. Yeah, there’s some decorative cuts in there. Check out the number of wing angle options.


Underbody aero is always fascinating. The Wolf GB08 chassis has this keel also reminiscent of Formula1 cars.


The dual-element rear wing hangs off swan neck wing mounts. There are lots of options for wing angle as well.


  1. What a cool project. Bummer they didn’t really get to compete this year. Some pictures of the complete car would be a nice follow up.

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