Sneak Peek: Home-Built Pikes Peak Racer
There’s even some angle options between the upper and lower elements of the rear wing.


A beefy and well-triangulated cage provides the ncecessary roll-over protection.


The roll bar fastens to the chassis at this beefy location.


The car weighs in around 560kg (~1,200 pounds) plus driver. That’s pretty much one horsepower per kilo of mass. That’s similar to the power:weight of a 1,000cc sportbike. It’s similar to the Pikes Peak record-holding Peugeot driven by Sebastien Loeb. That’s insane!

So how did the car do? Unfortunately, there was a mechanical issue (not the fault of the team) which caused them to miss qualifying. Therefore, they had to start race day at the bottom of the list. As is often the case at Pikes Peak, rain/snow/hail shows up halfway through the run order. So, Robin only raced half the mountain on rain tires.

Out of his run group, Robin posted the fastest time with a 4:22.107 with the next car being a Time Attack Evo X at 4:48.376. The better indicator of the performance potential of the car was from Friday practice where Robin was the second fastest car up the segment with a 2:24.25 only behind the eventual winner Romain Dumas in the VW I.D R which ran a 2:08.67. The third fastest car was Simone Faggioli in a Norma at 2:25.41. Keep in mind Robin was at a disadvantage as he lost two days of practice compared to the other guys. Not too shabby for a home-built car.

Check out pics and vids from the teams trip to Pikes Peak on their Instagram page!


  1. What a cool project. Bummer they didn’t really get to compete this year. Some pictures of the complete car would be a nice follow up.

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