Sneak Peek: Porsche Experience Center, Los Angeles


It’s hard to make out, but the rear brake duct scoops air from below the lowest blue lateral link and goes up the duct to the middle of the rotor.


This 1977 935 has a massive whale tail. It provides the location for mounting the rear wing along with tapering down from the massive rear fender to help reduce drag. Sir Mix-a-Lot would be a happy man. Yes, that’s a 918 in the background, but those aren’t so uncommon around these parts.


It’s sort of a hybrid of the old school Japanese fender mounted side mirror. For all the detail in aero for the mirror, it’s a bit strange to have the un-aerodynamic hood pin and air jack attachment just poking out.


Just a small splitter is used up front to generate downforce. It would seem the two openings in the front bumper are for brake cooling. I’m guessing with the slant nose, it was easier to place the headlights down low.


Each side of the car had these massive side scoops to feed oil coolers mounted right at the opening. At the base of the wing mounts are more openings to feed air to engine and coolers.


The wheels had these disks added to reduce drag. They look like a pain to have fabricated. Each of the flat attachment spokes has a 90 degree bend to create a surface to joint with the disk. I’m guessing spot welds are used to hold it all together. As for how the flat spokes attach to the wheel rim, I couldn’t see that. It would be interesting to see the wheel from the back side.


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