Sneak Peek: Porsche Experience Center, Los Angeles


Sorry for the crappy picture, but you can just make out the cage inside the car. It’s not very substantial, but more than Mark Donohue had in his Can-Am car.


A single turbo is used on this flat-6 engine with a single wastegate dumping. The exhaust dumps out the left rear fender. Triple-K Turbolader was absorbed by Borg Warner.


Here’s another angle of the turbo setup. You can see the three runners from the right side of the engine going to the collector before the turbo. I’m a little surprised it’s not a twin-scroll turbo, but then again, I don’t know if twin-scroll existed back when this car was made. The runners of the manifold are quite small in diameter, but the engine doesn’t make near the power of modern engines. The turbo is placed just high enough to get the oil to drain properly.


Sally Carrera was in the house.


She was showing off her more wild side from her younger days.

If you’re ever in the area, definitely go check out the Porsche Experience Center. Aside from their driving programs, they also have simulators with instruction. Even if you’re not there to drive, there’s plenty of eye candy in the lobby and their garage which houses a variety of race cars. There’s a gift shop to buy all sorts of things Porsche. If you want to grab food, there’s a café which serves sandwiches and salads for about $10 alone with beer, wine, and coffee. From the café, you can watch the cars outside running about. I recommend getting there no later than 11:45am to have good food selection. If you choose to go to the restaurant upstairs, they have a solid burger for $18 and you can add an egg on top. I’d recommend a reservation, as some days it may be not possible to get a table. The view from the restaurant allows you to better see the track and the cars spinning out on the wet hill and skid pad which is always amusing. So make a trip to the PEC and enjoy some food, drinks, and cars.

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