Sneak Peek: The Engines of Formula D 2013



Ryan Tuerck has Toyota power in his FR-S.  I'm going to call this little hump the 'power bulge' similar to those seen on the 2nd gen DSM.
The power bulge is required to clear the massive Garrett GTX4294R powering the inline-6 2JZ. The setup is similar to what Daigo Saito runs, right down to also using nitrous.   
Here is Mike Essa's completed car (and here is our sneak peek of it).  It is one of the few cars in FD with the proper engine for the chassis.  A top-mounted Garrett GTX3582R turbocharger is used in a twin-scroll configuration for maximum response.


Toshiki Yoshioka is driving this new Subaru BRZ build with a fully built Tomei engine.  It's not exactly a FB20, but it is a flat-4.  A Garrett GTX3576R is mounted in typical Subaru EJ position.


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