Sneak Peek: The Engines of Formula D 2013



Daigo's and Robbie's cars are rocking the inline-6 with Garrett GTX4294Rs with nitrous to aid the spoolup.
Chelsea DeNofa also has a turbocharged inline-6 under his hood.  Chelsea is using a Garrett GTX3582R like Mike Essa, but in a regular single scroll setup mounted down low similar to Essa's old setup.   Chelsea had the car dyno'd on a Mustang dyno at Active Autowerke.  I'm pretty sure he has the record torque and horsepower for a GTX3582R.  I actually told him, “Uh… dude, can you turn it down a little?”  A very nearly straight 4″ exhaust enabled by the low-mount setup is helping free up the power.


Patrick Mordaunt has some JDM V8 motivation with twin turbos.


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