Sneak Peek: The Engines of Formula D 2013



Fredric Aasbo's Scion tC still has a turbo 4-banger rotated 90 degrees from its original installation orientation.  It's using a Borg Warner EFR in a twin-scroll setup.  In case you were wondering where the radiator was, it's mounted out back and is fed by the holes where the rear windows use to be.  Moving the radiator rearward improves the weight distribution and also keeps the radiator from getting destroyed if the front of the car gets crushed.
Corey Hosford has a pretty standard looking LS sitting in his 350Z.


Chris Forsberg found an engine within the Nissan family to power his 370Z.  It just happens to have 2 more cylinders than the original engine along with almost 2 liters more displacement courtesy of a VK56 from a Titan.


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