Sneak Peek: The Engines of Formula Drift 2014


The other bit of oddity in Formula Drift is Kyle Mohan’s Mazda that actually has a rotary in it!
20B Mazdatrix 20BA Mazdatrix 20B with a Turbonetics turbo provides around 800whp. The old 13B just wasn’t cutting it, so in with the 20B with a whole lot of WPC treated parts to help keep the rotary reliable.
Hyundai is represented by Patrick Mordaunt.
A 4.2L V6 is paired with a single GTX3582R turbocharger using the new Garrett by Honeywell V-band turbine housing.
NOS 370Z Chris ForsbergChris Forsberg has shown the naturally aspirated VK56DE V8 is still more than adequate after taking the first round of the 2014 season. I’m an old school Nissan guy at heart, so I’m happy to see the car perform. I usually don’t care for body kits, but the Seibon dry carbon fiber kit looks quite alright and should be lightweight to boot.
However, the NOS on the side of the car isn’t just referencing the energy drink. I’m pretty sure those are nitrous spray nozzles I spy going into the intake runners pushing this engine to somewhere around 1000hp. So I guess it’s not completely naturally aspirated as it’s featuring some chemical forced induction. JE pistons handle the pounding in this engine too.

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