Sneek Peak- A look Inside Mad Mike Whiddett’s Radbul MX-5


The Garrett GTX40 turbos sit on a custom tubular PPRE stainless steel exhaust manifold that is fabricated using billet ProSteet merged collectors.  There are 4, yes 4 Turbo Smart 40 Race Gate wastegates to fully control boost.  The zoomie looking headers coming out of the Radbul's hood are not for the exhaust but for the wastegates.  The turbos' discharge merges into a huge 4″ exhaust system that dumps by the rear differential.  A large water to air heat exchanger for the water to oil engine oil cooler for the drysump system lives right behind the intercooler.
A huge PWR tube and fin intercooler sits way far back in the chassis protected from damage.  This is possible as the engine itself is far back in the chassis.  Even though it's front engine and rear drive, the Radbul has 60% of its weight over the rear wheels.  A pretty outstanding weight bias for traction. The previous conventional wisdom for drift cars was that a slightly forward weight bias was better for handling.  Everything is pretty packed in there but you can see the reservoir for the KRC power steering pump in the lower left hand corner of the picture. 
The PPRE 26B has not one but two Turbosmart blowoff valves to help avoid surge when the throttle is lifted. You can see the cogged belt drive for the drysump pump in the very bottom of the frame. Even though the 26B is compact, since everything is mounted rearward, it's a pretty tight fit in the engine bay. 
A rotary has two coils per rotor, a primary and secondary coil and spark plug.  Radbul uses an M&W CDI system and eight high voltage coils to fire all of those plugs.
This distribution block for the dry sump system sends oil to the cooler, turbos, drysump tank, oil temperature and oil pressure sensors.  A lot of plumbing is going on here. 
The 26B makes a lot of heat and this huge rear mounted PWR radiator handles cooling duties.  It fills the entire area of what would have been the MX-5's truck.  This radiator is huge, like a class 8 off road racing truck.  When you consider that it has to dissipate over 1000 hp of heat, it starts to look reasonable in those terms.

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