Sneek Peak- A look Inside Mad Mike Whiddett’s Radbul MX-5


Huge 15″ SPAL fans bring cooling airflow to the radiator.  You can see the rear mounted Stewart electrical water pump.
This high mounted surge tank, up near the trunk lid flange helps remove air bubbles from the long coolant lines. Plumbing rear mounted radiators is always a bit tricky as air can easily block fluid flow in the system..
The drysump system has a huge breather, air oil separator tank mounted to the firewall.  All of the car's high pressure fuel, oil and coolant plumbing is by Brown and Miller.
This cogged belt drives the drysump system, the power steering and the heavy duty Mechman alternator. There is no slipping on this cogged belt and it is proably not very highly stressed in this application.  You also have a nice closeup look at the Plazmaman V-Band style charge pipe clamps.
The fuel system uses eight Injector Dynamics 2000cc injectors.  There are two injectors for each runner.  The injectors are fed by three Walbro FGB Gerotor 250 LPH pumps!  The big 26B is extremely thirsty for its 100 octane race gas. The fuel is premixed with Mobil synthetic two stroke oil to help lubricate the rotor seals.  The rotary is pretty low compression and does not need exotic high octane fuel.
In the car's cowl lie the electronics.  The ECU is a Haltech Sport 2000 Platinum.  A Haltech CAN box helps daisy chain the instruments together and simplify the wiring.  A Racepak smartwire power supply greatly simplifies the power side of the electrical system.  It looks a lot like a Motec PDM.  The M&W Pro 14 CDI box lives here as well. protected form heat. The last box is a Haltech wide band O2 sensor controller.

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