Sneek Peak- A look Inside Mad Mike Whiddett’s Radbul MX-5


The front brakes are Wilwood dyno pro 6 piston calipers with solid Ultralite rotors and alloy hats. The wheels are 3 piece Rotiform SLC's 17×9.5 with a 235/40-17 Nitto NT05 tire.
A Wilwood top hung pedal box is used with dual master cylinders and a balance bar for bias adjustment. The brake reservoirs are mounted in the dash. Notice that the car is Kiwi right hand drive!
The sequential shifter for the Holinger Engineering 6 speed gear box is here plus the lever and master cylinder for the ASD rear brake system.  The Holinger transmission is unusual, most drift car use circle track style 4 speed dog boxes for strength, simplicity, and weight reasons.  The use of a quick change diff is considered enough to make the close ratios of a six speed unneeded. Ryan Tuerck's car uses a Holinger six speed without a quick change diff as the many close ratios in his opinion make the weight and complexity of a quick change unneeded. Mad Mike's car uses both a quick change diff and a six speed transmission. Although his car is light, there is a lot of weight in his drivetrain. Clutch duties are handled by a Direct Clutches twin disc metallic puck clutch.
The balance bar in the pedal box has a remote adjuster allowing easy adjustment of the brake bias by turning this knob.
The Radbul's chassis was built by PPRE.  PPRE started with a MX-5 shell and acid dipped it to minimize weight.  They then seam welded the chassis and built this all inclusive cage which ties the chassis together to the limits of FD rules. Being an open car the cage is very strongly built.  This was to be a factor as Mike crashed the car hard in early testing but the car remained fixable in time for the second round of the 2015 season and he was only slightly hurt.
The Radbull has first class highly protective seats.  Racetech RT9009 FIA approved carbon kevlar seats are very strong and have built in head protectors.  The seats are HANS compatible and have Takata Race 6 harnesses.  Notice the custom embroidered Mad Mike logos?

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