Solving Subaru EJ Oiling Issues for Good with IAG Performance!

Subaru EJ engines are known to have oiling problems caused by the oil pan and pick up.  We personally know quite a few people who have lost engines on the track and even in street driving due to this.  We don’t want Project STI to suffer this fate ever.  Subarus are also known to blow a lot of oil out the breathers to the extent that the oil pan level can be affected over the length of a track session.  Our cars have fought this with elaborate self returning air-oil separator catch cans but anyone who has tracked a modded Subaru with a standard catch can knows how the EJ can fill it up in just one session on the track.   We don’t want to have to worry about this so we are going to fortify our oiling systems with some stuff from IAG Performance.

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Our IAG engine is a significant investment so we are going to do everything possible to keep it running for a long time.

The first part up is IAG’s deep sump oil pan.  The IAG pan holds 30% more oil than the stock pan but does not hang down below the cross-member.  It is made of CNC machine-finished cast aluminum.  The pan has provisions for turbo oil drain-back and a temperature sensor.

The IAG pan is finned at the bottom for stiffness and a little extra cooling.  The drain hole is at the absolute lowest point on the pan so every bit of dirty oil is removed during and oil change.  The stock pan leaves almost 1/2″ of oil when empty due to the drain placement.

The pan’s flanges are thick for good sealing and the bolt holes CNC spot faced for proper tightening.


  1. This looks like an extremely well though-out and executed oil pan. Seriously impressed with how nicely all the IAG engine parts are turning out.

    I’ve seen a lot of aftermarket pans use “piano” hinged trap doors – is there much difference between those and the Viton flaps on this pan?

    1. It’s not even close to the same design other than it fits on an EJ engine. If you read the article and know what a Killer B pan looks like, it’s super obvious that it’s not even close.

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