Sportbike Easy Upgrades: Accelerating Faster and Decelerating Better

At full lock to the left, the 2007 CBR brake assembly does just tap the gauge cluster. But this is only an issue when rolling the bike around while parking.

The 2007 CBR 600RR brake assembly has a nice bleeder screw at the master cylinder. I probably could have used the good ole valve open/valve closed/squeeze lever method to bleed out the master cylinder, but I had this bulb thing sitting in the back of my garage. I used it to suck the fluid from the reservoir and out the bleeder.

Here’s the old reservoir, crappy deformed rubber gasket, and the other nonsense cover stuff. The new cylindrical reservoir, gasket, and screw cap is so much easier.

That’s about it! A very easy bolt-on upgrade.

I’ve only taken the bike for a short spin, but the front brakes work great! I wasn’t wearing my full gear (I didn’t put on my leather pants), but I did a few 80% braking efforts from highway speed and only using one finger on the lever. Lever feel is better than the older design brake master cylinder for sure. And the driving reason for replacing the brake master cylinder assembly in the first place, the lever is still firm after sitting for a few weeks. I’m excited to get it out on the fun roads!






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  1. Great article Khiem. These ‘quick’ acceleration kits are great for road use bikes where standard gearing is usually far too long. Not that one front tooth makes a huge difference, but the longer wheelbase that you’re afforded by using a smaller front sprocket also has some beneficial effects – mostly moving the center of mass forward toward the front wheel helping hard acceleration and cornering.

    I’ve got another new to me 675 Triumph I’ll be uploading more about soon as well as finally more track time to dial in the 998 next weekend. Thanks for the link.

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