Sportbike Easy Upgrades: Accelerating Faster and Decelerating Better

Taking off the old brake assembly is super easy. Just two bolts for the handle bar clamp, the banjo bolt for the brake line, and two little electrical connectors. This is the new assembly already bolted on and wires connected. I did upgrade the front brake lines a while ago to a set from Goodridge.

When I did the Goodridge brake line, I reused the stock clamp. However, that’s not going to work with the new 2007 brake assembly.

After a few trials on the brake line orientation, this is the orientation I came up with. that works with the two little electrical connectors.

Keeping the stock brake line bracket is not an option. But there is a fair amount of slack, so the line is not rubbing against the forks.

After a bit of adjusting the angle of the assembly, I had to readjust the throttle cable guide things and I found the nuts were loose. I guess I haven’t checked them in a few years…

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  1. Great article Khiem. These ‘quick’ acceleration kits are great for road use bikes where standard gearing is usually far too long. Not that one front tooth makes a huge difference, but the longer wheelbase that you’re afforded by using a smaller front sprocket also has some beneficial effects – mostly moving the center of mass forward toward the front wheel helping hard acceleration and cornering.

    I’ve got another new to me 675 Triumph I’ll be uploading more about soon as well as finally more track time to dial in the 998 next weekend. Thanks for the link.

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