Stadium Super Trucks Main Events Coverage – Qualcomm Stadium 2




Trophy Kart is where the future stars of off road racing are getting their first start at some very young ages. The Trophy Karts are purpose built miniature trucks with single cylinder engines and CVT transmissions. These are known as the JR Karts and are built by Trophy Kart, the exclusive builder of all Trophy Karts. The Trophy Kart Main would be a 12 lap race that saw lots of passing and lots of incidents with spin outs and even a couple of Karts flipping over. Not too far off from the bigger trucks in the SST Class! Taking the early lead was Brock Heger in the #511 Kart followed closely by the #1 Kart of Myles Cheek. This would last until after Lap 2 when the Heger’s Kart stalled after the jumps past turn 1.


Trophy Kart Qualcomm 2
Having your Kart stall out on you while in the lead has to be incredibly heartbreaking for a kid. Nothing can be worse than that while in the lead…
Trophy Kart Flip Qualcomm 2
Ok, maybe flipping the Kart while in the lead isn't such a hot way to go, either!

Cheek took the lead until his Kart flipped over in the same spot that Heger stalled on lap 4 and would bring out the red flag to get the Kart off the track. After the start of lap 6 the #535 Kart of Cole Mamer, who had the lead after Cheek, flipped and Shelby Anderson in the #505 Kart took advantage and the lead. She would hold her position until the finish of the race with Gavin Harlien in the #555 Kart finishing in Second place and Darren Hardesty, Jr. finishing in Third in the #599 Kart. Also, the two boys were beat by a girl, so I know Kerryann is very happy reading this! It should also be noted that the #555 Kart of Harlien took a pretty good flip on the asphalt whoops earlier in the day, so to see him come back out and finish in Second really shows that he didn’t intend to give up.

Shelby Anderson Trophy Kart Qualcomm 2 Win
The girl beats the boys! Shelby Anderson takes the win in a carnage filled Trophy Kart race at San Diego!
Bad Trophy Kart Flip Qualcomm 2Bad Trophy Kart Flip Qualcomm 2Bad Trophy Kart Flip Qualcomm 2
Just missing the win Trophy Kart
Despite a nasty flip during the qualifying session, Gavin Harlien just missed the win by only 3 truck lengths. This shows the great safety and quality build of the Trophy Karts along with the determination of this young man.


Stadium Super Buggy would also be a 12 lap feature of the fastest four cylinder buggies in off road. Apdaly Lopez also wanted to try and repeat his win from Round 4 on the new track, but first he would have to get past Rob Archibald in the #905 Buggy and Michael Ward in the #317 Buggy. By the time they reached the other side of the Super Jump, which the buggies didn’t take, Rob’s buggy had pulled over and had suffered right front suspension damage. His day was done and that gave the lead to Ward. Well, Ward held the lead until Lap 2 when he rolled his buggy over, bringing a stoppage to the race to flip him back over. With no damage, he was able to continue.

Breaking parts while in the lead San Diego Qualcomm 2
Archibald didn't even have the lead for a full lap before breaking his Super Buggy. Just after the space between the ramp and landing of the Super Jump, Rob pulled over with major suspension damage.
Rob Ward Flips while in the lead Qualcomm 2
You know, you're not really supposed to push so hard while in the lead that you flip yourself over. I guess the guys in Super Buggy didn't watch the Trophy Karts.


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