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While many would see Nick’s ADHD-like mentality as a disadvantage, it didn’t show on lap 1 as he passed Arie for the lead through the asphalt whoops! While those two were fighting and starting to slow the rest of the field, Robby Gordon took advantage of the clear path the Super Jump gave him and used the momentum to drive past the pair in turn 4. Robby would never look back, either. That didn’t stop the action, either, as Jesse Johnson would high center himself on the wall on the jumps past turn 1. This wouldn’t stop the trucks from racing, but PJ Jones in the #98 truck would after flipping over in turn 4's outside lane. This stoppage would allow the SST Crew to get Jesse off the wall, but his race was pretty much over being a few laps down.
Nick taking the lead on Lap 2 at Qualcomm 2 San Diego
Nick Baumgartner would use his Snowboard Cross Skills to take the lead from Arie by Lap 2! ADHD on top!
Robby takes the lead at Qualcomm 2
With a clear route and the momentum gained, Robby Gordon uses the Super Jump path to take the lead from Baumgartner!
ADHD would finally bite Nick on the restart as he would also get stuck on the wall in the same way that Jesse had previously and he lost several positions. That incident would allow Creed to take second place and even begin to look as if he could challenge Robby with his brave driving, even taking the lead for half of lap 11! Baumgartner would eventually work himself loose and keep the truck driving until lap 14, where he would lose control of his #12 Truck and climb the outside K-rail wall at turn 5. Once again, a stoppage was called to allow SST officials to get Nick off the wall and out of danger. With Nick clear, racing resumed with trucks beating and banging against each other.
PJ Jones rolls at Qualcomm 2
With PJ Jones' flip, the red flag is brought out to allow the crews to flip him back over and get Jesse Johnson off the wall on the dirt jumps.
Nick Baumgartner crash at turn 5Nick Baumgartner wreck San Diego 2
After an unsuccessful 50/50 Grind on the dirt jumps, Nick goes for a Willy Grind and hits the wall. I think it's time we stop trying to snowboard the Stadium Truck.
Lalo Laguna and Ricky Johnson would both end up losing their hoods. Laguna would lose his in unusual fashion during the stoppage after flipping his truck over after speeding around the course to catch up with the field. Ricky Johnson’s #5 Truck would lose his after a pretty hard hit with the truck in front of him. It broke enough that it eventually flew off from the air catching underneath it while racing after the restart. On lap 18, Creed tried working Robby, who Robby admitted to not having much worry about and put more concern on Rob Mac! It almost looked like Robby had misplaced that concern, but Gordon was eventually able to pull away on the final lap. The winner of the Stadium Super Trucks Round 5 at Qualcomm Stadium would be Robby Gordon, his second in the series. Second place would go to Sheldon Creed in the #74 Truck and Third place would go to Rob MacCachren in the #21 Truck.
Lalo Laguna Qualcomm 2
Lalo Laguna decided he didn't want his hood anymore and looked to lose it in a flashy fashion by rolling the truck over.
Robby Gordon wins a carnage filled Stadium Super Trucks at Qualcomm
After all of the carnage, flips, and insane amount of action, Robby Gordon takes the win at Qualcomm 2! Sheldon Creed was hot on his heels in Second place and Rob MacCachren took Third Place.

The Stadium Super Truck Series goes on to the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, MO on June 8th! If you can manage to get out there, you’ll have a great time and get to see some of the best racing on dirt and asphalt!

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