Stadium Super Trucks Main Events Coverage – Qualcomm Stadium 2


The restart on lap 3 saw Apdaly shoot straight to the lead and he would have a battle for first with Jerry Welchel in the #84 Buggy. Welchel would get the lead on lap 6. However on lap 8 Welchel would get the #84 Buggy stuck in the sandy part of the track, allowing Lopez and Eddie Tafoya to blow by him. It would also allow Welchel, who had rolled on lap 2, to move up to Third place. In the closing laps, Lopez would pull away from Tafoya, who had blew out a right front tire but was able to keep going for a Second Place finish. Once again, the winner at Qualcomm was Apdaly Lopez!

Lopez takes the win at San Diego 2 Qualcomm Stadium
Apdaly Lopez takes his second win in a row at Qualcomm Stadium!
Tafoya takes second with a flat tire at Qualcomm 2
Not many noticed it and neither did Tafoya, but he had a flat right front tire on the last two laps to his Second Place Finish!
Qualcomm Stadium was the venue for the first stadium event and the second round of the USA Pro Supermoto Series. This race saw Derek Costella on the #216 bike take the lead and never look back. Dustin Hoffman on the #27 bike would be his main competitor, but by the middle point of the race, Costella’s lead would increase and Hoffman would have to settle for Second. Danny Casey on the #47 bike would finish in Third. Derek Costella takes the first Stadium Supermoto and second round of the USA Pro Supermoto Series win at Qualcomm. Honorable mention goes to Brandon Ward, who finished in Fourth place. Brandon is the son of Jeff Ward, who now races in the Stadium Super Truck class. Jeff Ward also has experience on the Supermoto bikes so it looks like Brandon is trying to follow in his father’s footsteps.
Tail Whip off the Super Jump Supermoto
While he dominated the race, Derek Costella certainly made Supermoto look fun with tailwhips…
Flat Tracking Supermoto Bike Qualcomm 2
And a little flat track action on the pavement! Costella would take the win on the #216 Bike!
It was time for the Main Event! Coming up were the Professionals and the name bearers of the series; the Stadium Super Trucks! The Feature Race would be a 20 Lap shootout between the best and the up-and-coming in off road racing. With the first six trucks having their starting order reversed, the pole driver would be Arie Luyendyk, Jr. in the #25 Truck with Nick Baumgartner in the “ADHD” #12 Truck beside him. No, ADHD isn’t his sponsor, it’s his condition as Robby and the rest of the SST field sees it. Baumgartner is the clown of the field and even admits to not having much of an attention span. Starting behind Luyendyk would be Sheldon Creed in the #74 Truck. Sheldon was the youngest SST driver that weekend and set the fastest time in Qualifying. Besting the old men, including Robby Gordon! Speaking of the old men of the field, Robby would be in position beside Creed in the #7 Truck while Rob MacCachren in the #21 Truck would start behind Gordon. The sixth position truck would be Ricky Johnson in the #5 Truck.
Arie Luyendyk, Jr takes an early lead at Qualcomm 2
Arie Luyendyk, Jr. shows off his standing start skills by taking the initial lead!


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