Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Intro Part 1


ark bnr32 sticker removal
Kyong had sticker duty. With a professional grade heat gun, stickers are much easier to remove. We use this gun at Cosworth for heat shrinking, but it worked perfect for sticker removal on a cold night. A couple of beers and two hours later, Kyong had almost all of the stickers off. That Royal Purple sticker eventually came off, but a new one is going on the car too since we'll be using all Royal Purple lubricants. This car has used Royal Purple since it was built in 2004. 

ark bnr32 stickers off
One step closer to becoming the ARK BNR32. It looked so clean without any stickers, but that only works with street cars. You cannot really have a plain race car. You can, but your car will get lost in the mix and your sponsors would be pissed off too. BTW, the blue is a custom blue mixed to be a tinge darker than the Subaru blue. 

ark bnr32
The HKS ATI damper kit and the HKS pulley kit is the way to go (if they still have them available). The one from ATI overdrives the A/C compressor by 30%. 

ark bnr32 interior before
The stock dash and steering column was in place, but that is all going to be ripped out. The bullshit shop that did the interior decided to use spray adhesive to keep the carpet glued to the floor. Yes, Blue Steel's interior had carpet, door panels, and the cage had no door bars. I mentioned it was a glorified street car! This is going to be a pain in the ass to clean up. If there was time, we would acid dip the chassis. Of course we don't have time…

ark bnr32 old sway bar
Whiteline made us a special set of solid sway bars with special heat treat. These will most likely somehow end up in my street car.

ark bnr32 old fuel cell
Even the 12 gallon ATL fuel cell is removed. The 12 gallon size was a consideration for a street car again. We'll be running something lighter and smaller in the car's rebuild. 

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