Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Intro Part 1


ark design seat

The car will use ARK Design Trackstar seats. These are a line of seats designed and made exclusively for ARK Design by Sparco. For safety equipment, the car will use all Sparco equipment as well.

kw competition 3 ways
Blue Steel will be using custom KW Competition 3 way dampers with KW's ultra light springs. Mike works directly with KW Suspension's head engineers on many projects including Dai Yoshihara's 2011 Formula D Championship S13. Having Mike and KW on board will certainly speed up the car's development in testing.

cosworth vq35 pistons
Of course the main technical partner by association is Cosworth USA. The engine will use 95.5mm Cosworth pistons.

cosworth cnc heads
Cosworth CNC heads will also be used in Blue Steel's powerplant. 

cosworth omega dash
A Cosworth Electronics Omega D3 Display Dash and shift light will replace the entire mess of meters on the old factory gauge cluster. You'll find Omega dashes in all of the factory BMW race cars in FIA GT and ALMS GT so reliability is not even an issue. 


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