Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Intro Part 1



cosworth sq6
A Cosworth Pectel SQ6 ECU will be controlling the engine with it's quad variable cam, quad cam/cam triggers, fly by wire throttle, anti-lag, closed loop boost control, and closed loop Lambda control. Once again, it's nice to use truly motorsport grade equipment that has been battle tested at LeMans for 24 hours.

cosworth sigma elite
The Cosworth Electronics Sigma Elite datalogger will allow us to have a full suite of sensors to log with including infrared tire temps, a tire pressure monitoring system, thermocouples (one per cylinder), octal pitot arrays (for aero), wheel speeds, GPS, shock positions, laser ride heights, etc. Telemetry will be another nice thing to have. The list goes on and on with one of these professional motorsport grade dataloggers. Hopefully we'll have enough time to equip the car with all of these sensors however…

hankook ventus td
While details are still being hashed out between Team America and Hankook, it looks like the 295/30/18 Ventus TD will be the tires on Blue Steel. Sierra Sierra had excellent success on the Ventus TD. Hopefully Richard at Sierra will let us pick his brain a little regarding the Hankooks.

turbosmart compgate 40
I haven't had a chance to call up Marty at Turbosmart yet, but we are planning on running twin Comp-Gate40's wastegates and a FPR-1200 fuel pressure regulator.

wpc treatedwpc logo 550px
WPC treatment will be used throughout the engine and drivetrain. It's no secret that most of us editors are WPC fanatics and there's a reason for it. Katsu, aside from working there at the moment, also turned into a believer first hand. Back in his drag Skyline GT-R days, the rod bearings would only last about three events. After WPC, the engines lasted well over six events! They don't call it the Rod Bearing 26 for no reason.

okada coils vq35okada projects logo
Akira from Okada Projects took the trip from south Orange County to measure a VQ35HR that we had at Cosworth. Since it's a race car and we'll be using a different intake manifold, we have much more space than the standard VQ35HR. He will be brewing up one of his custom coils for the hottest possible spark. Coupled with a Plasma Lift box, there will be zero possibility of any misfires. The Okada ignition system I used on the Sierra Sierra EVO made me a believer.

At the moment, there are 900 things going on at the same time: engine components being designed, electrical harnesses being designed, the front suspension and chassis being fabricated and designed, driveline components on order, etc. It's only a little more than a giant parts list at the moment with very little to show for, but once the momentum starts, things will arrive and go quickly. 

Stay tuned for part two where there will be more substantial detail on the car. We'll be attacking the electronics, engine, front suspension, and part of the chassis redesign in part two. See you then!

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