Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 4


Our fuel cell is an 8 gallon alcohol safe ATL unit.  It is just big enough for a few laps when running racing grade E85 like we are planning. And only a few…
 Gary building the alloy fuel cell mounting cradle.
Gary TIG welding the cradle.  Yes you weenies we know he is not using the correct gloves!  Gary knows this too but in the PI they usually don't even wear welding helmets so this is very safe!
 Cradle in place.
The fuel cell dummied up.  The real main stays will be alloy as well.  Our fuel cell location is compromised.  We would like to mount it much lower but we needed room for the diffuser and our blown exhaust.  We will be using F1 type coatings and shielding to prevent things from cooking off.  The packaging in this area is really tight and of some concern to us.
 Eric, Gary and I do some engineering on the fly to try and ponder packaging back there.  Can you believe that this whole process for the back took only a couple of hours?


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