Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 4


Look weenies, Tyler actually has proper safety gear.  Eye protection, a particle mask, protective gloves!  There is a reason why he is the principal engineer on this project!
Now that is a fit! Eric keeps talking about how JDM fiberglass is the best in the world. The doors and trunk are from Final Konnexion and they were beautifully made. It was well worth the extra money over the Chinese made crap, but even then Eric said it wasn't really that much more.
OK now the hinge department is holding up the process.
The sheet aluminum dash Gary was working on last week is now fitted.  Here David, an engineer at Stoptech (day job) who is learning how to fabricate by apprenticing with Gary, is fabricating the steering column cover/dash mount for the Cosworth Pi Omega display dash. Our plan is to use this to mold carbon but it will also serve as the dash if we run out of time.
 Cleeco pins hold things in place for now.
 The inside view.  I hope Tarzan likes it!


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