TESTED: BG Syncro Shift II Gear Oil


S550 Mustang MT-82 Trans BG Syncro Shift II Oil
Unlike Synchromax, BG Syncro Shift II Gear Oil has a traditional amber coloration to it.  Once we filled our transmission with nearly the entire 2.8L (2.96qt) bottle from OPMustang.com, we were ready to test it out.


After a couple weeks and a thousand miles on the BG Syncro Shift II oil, we were very impressed with the results.  Less shifting effort required to move the stick into gear than with Royal Purple and the brief hesitation as the synchronizers mesh together is greatly improved.  The transmission snicks into gear a little quicker and the notorious 1-2 shift hesitation and grinding (especially when cold) is now virtually eliminated.  Shifting across all other gears is now much quicker, more precise, and smoother.

S550 Mustang Shifter MT-82
Shifting action rowing through the gears is lighter, more direct, and smoother with the BG Syncro Shift II transmission oil.

Overall, BG Syncro Shift II was a significant improvement over Royal Purple in our MT-82, which was already a big step above the factory fill transmission fluid.  There have been zero downsides to using Syncro Shift II and benefits can be seen across the board in every shifting aspect.

This is now my go-to gear oil recommendation for MT-82 equipped Mustangs and definitely worth a shot in any manual transmission that it meets the requirements for.  Tim at OPMustang.com said that Tremec Transmissions, from T56 to Magnums and TR6060s have had great results by using Syncro Shift II and given his experience, I would have to believe him.  Unfortuantely I won’t be getting that steak dinner.



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    1. It’s hard to generalize and really depends mostly on the use of the car. For the street (and even occasionally tracked car), it’s typical to change manual transmission fluid every 30K miles, but most go much longer than that (I’ve seen some cars go 60-100K) with no issue. The more you track your car and the hotter the transmission runs, the sooner you should change your trans fluid. Unless it’s a dedicated track car, even with a good amount of weekends, every 15K is probably more than enough.

  1. I’ve have seen comments that the Redline DCTF is as good or better than the BG Syncro shift 2. Any opinion on that fluid and is it suitable for the mt-82?

  2. I read reviews on some Mustang forums stating that the BG Syncro Shift II may be a little too thick at 75W, even though it matches the FORD XT-11-QDC Spec . Is this a problem? I own a 19 Ecoboost Premium PP 6 SP MT and was considering replacing the factory fluid.

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