TESTED: Ford Performance Cat-Back Exhaust and GT350 Valence

Stock 2015 Mustang GT Resonator vs Ford Peformance Borla X-pipeFactory resonators are not known to hold up very well to extreme track use or high power, especially supercharged cars. Our car has not experienced either, yet we can already see significant discoloration and hot spots in the resonator. The Ford Performance Exhaust replaces the resonator with an X-pipe to improve the scavenging effect of the exhaust pulses to hopefully give us a bump in efficiency and power.

2015 Mustang GT X-pipe borla ford peformanceThe original clamps need to be removed and then installed on the X-pipe before installing it on the car. From there it is easy to install the X-pipe on the car.

FP exhaustAfter the X-pipe is installed, the mid pipes can then be attached to the car with the center brackets taken off of the original exhaust.

FP exhaust midpipe rearIt’s important to keep all of the clamps loose until clocking the exhaust to even the exhaust tips before tightening it in place.

2015 Mustang GT Ford Performance GT350 muffler installedWith the rear mufflers hung by the rear brackets, we were ready to install the GT350 lower valence.


  1. Great sounding cat back. But how much louder is the sport from Ford Performance? Also is the tone deeper on the Ford Performance than on the Borla?

      1. I have a 2017 GT PP and I have the Ford Performance power pack level 2 installed by My local dealer. Would I benefit more from the touring or sport cat back?

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