TESTED: Ford Performance Cat-Back Exhaust and GT350 Valence


Exhaust mountingAfter countless attempts at clocking the mid pipes and rear mufflers, Will decided he needed to bend the exhaust bracket to line up the mufflers with the exhaust tips.
Will at RareFab bending FP Exhaust bracketAfter removing the muffler, Will put it in a vice and used a crescent wrench to bend the mounting bracket.
Bracket reinstalledWith the bracket bent, Will reinstalled the muffler.
Shelby GT350 Valence Ford Performance Exhaust lined upIn one attempt, Will’s bend perfectly aligned the Ford Performance muffler with the GT350’s exhaust tips. This leads me to believe the mounting bracket was welded to the muffler can incorrectly and about an inch too low. This was a quick and easy fix for an experienced fabricator like Will from RareFab, but it might require more trial and error for your average garage mechanic. Either way, if your Ford Performance exhaust does not line up with the GT350 exhaust tips, you may need to bend the brackets like you see above.
Shelby GT350 lower valence and exhaust installedBoth exhaust brackets needed to be bent to line up the exhaust but once aligned, Will tightened down all of the brackets and clamps and we were good to go.

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