TESTED: Husky 2-Shelf Utility Cart

You might be completely surprised to hear it, but I’ve actually been working on Project SC300 at home recently. Between the Ultimate DIY Alignment rig and various other small projects, I actually have things that I’m capable of doing on my own.

Dragging a ton of tools out of the toolbox to the car and leaving them all over the floor gets annoying really quickly. I’m also building a workshop at my house, and I’ll eventually have a lift. I figured a small tool cart would be a good idea.

red husky utility cart box on top of a stack of wheels
Enter the Husky 2-Shelf Utility Cart.

Husky is Home Depot’s in-house tool brand, and most of their products are a pretty good value for the money. In this case, for less than $200, you can get a plastic utility cart. How does it shape up?

plastic tool cart pieces and bubble wrap bits and tools on floor and leaned up against race car
Open the box and you’re greeted with simply packed components and an instruction manual.

While the tool cart is made of plastic, it’s really quite sturdy and indestructible-feeling. You could probably beat someone to death with one of the legs, but that’s just weird, and I’m hoping that you’re not going to get murdery.

bubble-wrapped and labeled casters, bag of hardware
The casters are clearly marked, and the hardware is neatly bagged.


fixed black-gray caster
The casters themselves look pretty sturdy.

You get one pair of fixed wheels, and one pair of swiveling wheels.

underside of black plastic shelf showing labeling
The instructions are really clear about what gets attached where, but the plastic itself is moulded with clear labeling, too.

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