TESTED: Husky 2-Shelf Utility Cart
another underside of black plastic shelf showing labeling
There’s really no excuse for putting this cart together wrong.

Honestly, it’s so simple to assemble, you could make your kid do it as a nice parent-kid project. It only needs hand tools.

small milwaukee electric impact and milwaukee electric hammer drill
I’m lazy, though, so I used my smaller power tools.

Channeled my inner Tim “The Toolman” Taylor, I did.

close up of four caster bolt heads inside plastic shelf
The casters are a little tricky to attach by yourself.

There’s not an awesome way to attach them with only two hands because you have to get the nuts onto the bolts while holding the casters which want to flop off. Once you get at least one nut started, you’ll be in good shape. A quick zip with the little impact gets these all snug.

The caster bolts are also what attaches the legs to the bottom shelf. The legs then simply screw into the top shelf (which is why you see my power drill).

assembled tool cart with hand tools on top shelf and power tools on bottom shelf
Here’s the final, assembled cart.

It seems really sturdy. You could probably ride around on it. I’m not sure if it’d be safe to hold a transmission, unless it was a tiny little one. The specs say “Service cart has a load capacity of 500lbs., each tier at 250lbs.”, so, depending on your transmission, there’s your answer! It’s definitely strong enough to hold me!

close up of top tool cart tray
You can also see the lumber notches and the power cord holder.

The top shelf has no holes in it, so sloppy/wet/yucky things can be deposited here without a fear of dripping, and it will also make for easy clean-up. I’m not sure how chemical resistant the plastic is, so I wouldn’t recommend emptying a battery onto it. Or at least don’t leave all that battery acid laying around for very long. Oily and greasy stuff? Probably good for quite some time.

Overall I can’t complain about the price/value here. Once I have a lift, it will be even more useful.


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