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As if having on the fly damping control wasn't enough, the KW ECU system has an available option for drivers who want an adjustability range beyond the three basic settings usually found in cars compatible with the DDC Plug and Play system or with any DDC ECU systems.  The DDC ECU App (for iPhone, iPad and iPod) works in conjunction with an optional W-LAN module developed to work hand in hand with the DDC ECU system to give drivers unmatched control of their vehicle's handling characteristics.  The driver has three basic settings to choose from, but each setting is fully customizable!  


The KW DDC ECU App allows for fast, easy and fully customizable damping control via a wireless W-LAN module that can be purchased separately and added to any KW DDC ECU system.


So now not only can you quickly change your shock settings to meet current road conditions or driving preference, but you also can tailor your custom settings to match different tracks you frequent.  Another useful tool the KW DDC ECU app adds is the ability to share settings with others and quickly load them to the app to put them to use!  



The KW DDC ECU App is very user friendly and quite intuitive.  The screens are easy to follow and once uploaded to your favorite Apple device you'll instantly be able to start customizing your shock settings.  The App even has some fail safes built in to prevent you from completely fubar'ing your set-up.  For example, the App will not let you have an offset of more than 30% between the front and rear axles.  


From the Personal menu you can quickly glance at your current stored settings.  The App allows you to store 5 custom damping settings and also lets you give each setting its own unique name.  From this menu you can also email your settings to your friends to share the settings that have worked best for you, and vice versa. 



  1. When you tried the DDC Plug and Play (Factory buttons) did the suspension setting changed between Sport and Sport+ ? Or was there only a change between comfort and sport ?

    Thank you

  2. There was definitely a difference between Sport and Sport+. Sport mode was the best for daily driving, while Sport+ felt like a set of V3s set at full tilt. Comfort mode would be useful if you were going through an old cobblestone road I guess, but other than that it was too soft for my taste.

  3. Maybe I could have been more precise in my first comment, so if what you say is true, seems the KW DDC P&P Kit adds another setting that is not present in the Factory BMW Adaptive suspension. Here is an explanation of how the OEM setup works: The stock suspension as only 2 positions Soft and Firm. With the switch in Comfort the suspension is in Soft, in Sport the suspension is in Firm, In Sport+ the suspension is in Firm (Only the DSC system is affected in Sport+ vs Sport).

    I just want to validate that with the KW DDC Plug and Play Coilover kit that integrates with the OEM comfort/sport/sport+ button the suspension as 3 positions.

    Thanks again

  4. Ohhhh, I understand your question better now. I’m 99% sure you can flip through all 3 settings via the OE controls. This test was done a few years ago so my memory is a bit foggy on it, but I’m also pretty sure it will display Comfort / Sport / Sport+ on the OE display as well.

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