TESTED: KW Dynamic Damping Control – DDC



So now that we have a basic understanding of the KW DDC system and its options, we're going to give you a closer look at KW's DDC test mule as it went through its final developmental stage.  This specific BMW was used to develop the 3-series Plug and Play kit and we must have seen it come on and off the rack a few dozen times during our short trip, that's because making sure things fit and plug right in is just not up to KW standards.  The team also puts in a ton of work optimizing the damping settings to ensure the vehicle's balance is maintained in all three settings; Comfort, Sport, and Sport+.


Now keep in mind that these components are prototypes and not the final production pieces, hence the “unfinished” look of the damping control unit that connects to the OE harness.  The DDC shock is mechanically similar to other shocks in the KW line like the Variant 2 or Variant 3, meaning they are a very high quality twin tube damper with a height adjustable coilover spring.  The major difference between the DDC and other KW shocks is a PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) flow control solenoid valve between the inner and outer tubes.  In a regular KW shock the foot valve controls the flow between the inner and outer tubes and has elements to adjust the low speed compression damping and control the high speed blow off.  The shaft piston valve largely controls the rebound damping.  In the DDC shock the blow off element is still controlled by the foot valve, but the low speed compression and rebound is controlled by the DDC valve manipulating the fluid flow between the inner and outer tubes directly.  This is an elegant way to achieve a great deal of damping control electronically.  You can see the valve here on the outside of the shock tube.


Here's close up of the OE style connectors on the KW DDC Plug and Play coilovers.  No cutting, splicing or custom harnesses needed here – a true plug and play system. The KW connectors and solenoids are all OEM quality. The quality of the components will ensure a long service life and ease disassembly when needed.  KW is a ISO9000 certified OEM supplier and its quality standards also apply to its aftermarket performance line.


Pictured above are all the components of a KW DDC Plug and Play system.  As you can see, there are no additional ECUs or control modules to install.  Simply replace your OE suspension components and plug in the KW components right to the factory harness.  The Production DDC shocks feature KW's standard INOX stainless steel bodies and non corroding engineering plastic spring seats with trapezoidal threads.  This ensures a long service life even in harsh winter conditions on the East Coast for example.  We think KW is one of the only true all weather coilover systems on the market.



  1. When you tried the DDC Plug and Play (Factory buttons) did the suspension setting changed between Sport and Sport+ ? Or was there only a change between comfort and sport ?

    Thank you

  2. There was definitely a difference between Sport and Sport+. Sport mode was the best for daily driving, while Sport+ felt like a set of V3s set at full tilt. Comfort mode would be useful if you were going through an old cobblestone road I guess, but other than that it was too soft for my taste.

  3. Maybe I could have been more precise in my first comment, so if what you say is true, seems the KW DDC P&P Kit adds another setting that is not present in the Factory BMW Adaptive suspension. Here is an explanation of how the OEM setup works: The stock suspension as only 2 positions Soft and Firm. With the switch in Comfort the suspension is in Soft, in Sport the suspension is in Firm, In Sport+ the suspension is in Firm (Only the DSC system is affected in Sport+ vs Sport).

    I just want to validate that with the KW DDC Plug and Play Coilover kit that integrates with the OEM comfort/sport/sport+ button the suspension as 3 positions.

    Thanks again

  4. Ohhhh, I understand your question better now. I’m 99% sure you can flip through all 3 settings via the OE controls. This test was done a few years ago so my memory is a bit foggy on it, but I’m also pretty sure it will display Comfort / Sport / Sport+ on the OE display as well.

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