Testing SDHQ Offroads Heavy Duty Battery Terminals

Likewise, the negative terminal is stout and not going to ever give us problems!

Now with a heavy-duty hold down and heavy-duty terminals our power source is secure. In many off-road miles so far we haven’t had our terminals budge one bit.  Now we can fling the truck about to our heart’s content at least until we find the next weak point!


SDHQ Offroad


  1. I wonder how these compare to what the car audio guys have been doing for the past 3+ decades? Battery terminals, cast or milled from blocks of metal for car audio uses are a dime a dozen.
    Gold plated, silver, whatever; with a plethora of connection options from set screws, terminals, additional posts, etc.

  2. While not as pretty as billet you can also get Military Ordnance “milspsec” terminals from Napa for – $12 that are stout and have another through bolt for mounting more power leads. Handy for a trail fix since Napa’s are in a lot of rural areas (at least here in the southeast). You can also get boots for them, I like the idea of covered terminals on an off road rig that might see sheet metal bashed down or a broken battery mount making it bounce around.

  3. This part from Napa? Part #: PHI 8618

    Looks nice and stout for only $10! I feel like this is what cars had in the 80’s and older! Crazy the amount of cost savings that can be had in manufacturing over the years…

    1. Yea that’s one of them, they have 2 versions for the + and – markings. I think you can also get lead alloy or zinc alloy versions. I really hate those thin strap ones they use on cars these days,

      This was my setup on my old xterra. Winch, on board air, aux fuse block wiring added.


  4. Planned obsalecence was invented in the 1950’s, it’s all buyer beware, now. The moral of the story is to always upgrade your OEM equipment, especially if you are going to use it ‘offroad.’

  5. Your battery? Moving around? At all? Why is this article not about a billet holddown/battery tray instead if that’s the root issue that caused these to break?

  6. (Ignore my previous comment, i was so shocked by the terminals being the only thing mentioned in the first 2 pages i forgot to read the last one)

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