The Assembly: Tony Angelo’s Scion FR-S


Tony Angelo FRS
Extra caution must be taken with lines near hot areas such as the exhaust manifold, turbo, and down pipe. Wrapping them in heat protective tape will ensure that they won't overheat or even catch fire. It's also a good idea to wrap the lines in areas where they might rub against other parts and can't be avoided.
Tony Angelo FR-s
It's not always possible to route lines perfectly in easily accessible areas, especially on new cars. Fortunately, the engine bay in the FR-S is somewhat more forgiving in terms of room than most bays. The only thing you can do is make the best of what you have.
Tony Angelo FR-S
Once your lines are tightened up, fill it with fluids and begin the painstaking process of checking for leaks.
Tony Angelo FR-S
You have to be careful at this point. It's that time where you get excited because you are nearing the end of the build. You start to relax, but you can't completely do so. If you do, you run the risk of missing something. Loose bolt, nut, or fitting, leaking lines, or other mishaps. This is the time to find them, not at Long Beach before you make your run down to the first turn.
Tony Angelo FR-S
The journey has been long, though. You're bruised, cut, burned. Your hair is wild, your beard isn't trimmed. You don't remember the last time you had a full night's sleep. You may even wonder why you're here, wasting so much time, energy, and burning so much money. Then it hits you…
Tony Angelo FR-S

There are people who are counting on you and in this case, more than just fans or sponsors. These people have been through a lot. Some of those people lost their home, business, or both. Some lost prized possessions, priceless heirlooms, or even their family history. Tony is going drifting to not only enjoy something he is passionate about, but also to help people affected by a natural disaster in his region.

So, this car has taken on more meaning than just a car to throw into a corner at over 100 MPH into a slide we call drifting; it is a car that is the direct result of, in defiance to, and relief from Hurricane Sandy. As I said in the first installment, this car isn't a victim, it's a triumph of the human condition and spirit.

Tony Angelo FR-S
Ok, ok, I'll stop being emotional, Tony. However, as he fills the tank up with fuel and the engine turns over, everything is ok. It runs good, doesn't leak, doesn't try to catch fire, and everything is tight and ready to go!
Tony Angelo FR-S
The FR-S is done, sort of. Final wrap and tuning will be done when Tony reaches California and Long Beach. He did make it, for those of you who haven't been following Tony on Facebook. We'll have a full out feature on the car and get deeper into the details on the car, but know Tony is ready for Round 1. Get excited, folks, the 2013 Season has just started!

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