The Car Lovers Guide To Japan, JDM Treasure Hunting at Up Garage!

There were a few transmissions out of performance models.  They all looked pretty old and tired.

Some used OEM LSD diffs were available for sale.

There were a few SR20’s, 2JZ’s and RB’s for sale but they looked pretty sad.  The stuff in our JDM junkyards looks better.  Maybe a lot of the good stuff is getting snapped up and shipped to us already.

The exhaust department took up the whole back of the store. Many different cat backs were for sale here but they were mostly for weird cars. I think the good stuff had gone to TAS or was snapped up online.

There was a whole row of headers. Lots of VQ and FA stuff.


  1. Ironically, an Astrovan is much more of a head turner in Japan. The JDM sports car culture that foreigners dream of is still strong, just not in Japan.

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