The Car Lovers Guide To Japan, JDM Treasure Hunting at Up Garage!

A used badass Monkey was sitting waiting for a new owner.  It has some really trick parts and just needs a little TLC to makes it a cool cruiser.

Man, I would die to have this Honda CBF400. Then I remembered why I quit riding street bikes…

The used riding gear section was huge!

Motorcycle hard parts filled the other side of the store’s second story.

So, although the Up Garage store is not quite as cool as it used to be, you can browse their website from here and get firsts picks of the prime parts without having to fly to Japan!  Check out the link below and shop your heart out!


Up Garage


  1. Ironically, an Astrovan is much more of a head turner in Japan. The JDM sports car culture that foreigners dream of is still strong, just not in Japan.

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