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The Dog II dominates

The VE engine was fortified by a set of Japanese NI camshafts, intake manifold and throttle body from G-Spec. The N1 parts are from the ultra rare SR16VE N1 motor, a race homologation special motor that was produced by Nissan in very limited quantities to race in FIA N1 events. N1 racing is a class that allows only minimal preparation of the car, much like SCCA’s T1 and T2 or NASA’s PT classes. The FIA requires that a certain amount of motors be built and available to the public for parts to qualify as factory stock.

Nissan SR20VE N-1 intake manifold and throttle body
Nissan SR20VE N-1 cams
G-Spec provided the rare genuine Nissan N-1 intake manifold, throttle body and camshafts

The SR16VE N1 was a potent 1600cc engine rated at 200 crank hp, Nissans answer to the B16A engine used in Honda’s JDM Civic Type R. The engine was found in the Lucero VZR, a coupe that is nearly identical to our 200SX SE-R. Only 500 of these cars were produced for FIA homologation. The N1 cams have over 300 degrees of duration and 12mm of lift. The cams were mated to Jim Wolf Technology adjustable timing gears. . When teamed up with the stock SR20VE valvesprings, they are good to 8000 rpm. The intake manifold features a 70mm throttle body, shorter, bigger runner and a larger plenum.

ASP SR20VE Header
ASP’s Mike Kojima signature header is a work of art.

A custom header was built to Mike Kojima’s specs from exotic lightweight thin wall 321 stainless using a Burns merged collector, stepped primaries and reverse cone megaphone by Charles Dundon of Advanced Street Performance.The header is one of the key secrets for extracting gobs of power from the SR20 engine. Although the header looks like its all about top end, it actually makes quite a bit of low end torque. The headers megaphone exits into a 3″ thinwall 321 stainless Technosquare fabricated exhaust feeding into a Burns Ultralight muffler, exiting to a turndown right under the car.

Burns Collector on ASP header
Burns collectors are the finest, accept no substitutes!

The N1 intake manifold breaths though the 70mm N1 throttle body fed with an aluminum cold air intake built by Technosquare and a large Cobra Mass Airflow Meter. A JWT POP Charger cleans the air at the end of the intake. Technosquare also fabricated the self-draining oil breather system for the engines bottom end.

Dog II SR20VE engine

The Breather tank has separator baffles to get the oil out of the blowby gasses. The oil then drains directly back into the sump. This has cut oil consumption to practically nothing. Hose Techniques couplers and T-Bolt clamps hold the intake together.


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