The Dog II


JWT cam timing gears
When JWT cam gears are used with an ASP header and N-1 cams, a significant about of power can be obtained through tuning.

G-Spec provided an underdrive pulley for the waterpump and Unorthodox Racing provided underdrive pulleys for the crank and alternator. It is critical to underdrive the waterpump for a track driven SR engine as the waterpump is poorly designed and cavitates. The cavitation is so severe that the waterflow drops to zero at 6500 rpm and the cooling system ceases to cool! G-Spec was also sourced for heat resistant silicone coolant hoses.

G-Spec SR20VE Pulley
The G-Spec SR20VE crank pulley is essential for any track driven VE.  It reduces cooling system caviation by slowing down the water pump which normally cavitates at 6500 rpm.

A JWT programmed factory ECU handles the task of engine management. Other than these external bolt ons, the engine remains internaly stock. Stock or not, it pumps out 200 whp and 153 lb/ft of torque an impressive sum. In the future a sleeved big bore, long rod bottom end, higher compression and headwork are in the wings as is future cam development with a goal of 230 whp.

Dog II interior

A JWT ECU sits on the firewall. Note that the forward legs of the cage are welded to contoured wrap around gussets directly on the frame rails, not the floor. The legs are welded as far forward as possible in the drivers compartment.

The stock Sentra transmission has a reputation of being fragile. Because of this the transmission was thoroughly reworked to assure reliability. A B&M shifter with Energy urethane shift linkage bushings improves shift feel. A JWT stage 2 clutch and aluminum flywheel transfer power to the transmission which has been fortified with a Nismo 4 pinion clutch type 1 way differential. The transmission case has been reinforced by Technosquare to prevent cracking and the gears cryotreated and two stage shotpeened by Technosquare as well. With Redline shockproof heavy gear oil, the transmission should prove to be reliable.

JWT Clutch
JWT Pressure Plate
JWT clutch disc
JWT was the supplier of the fibertough clutch, and lightweight aluminum flywheel.

The stock powertrain mounts are so wimpy they can break with just one hard tire spinning launch and so soft that they can cause wheel hop. The engine and transmission were set into the chassis using JWT’s heavy duty mounts. The JWT mounts are made from a hard durometer rubber. The mounts are also solid so they have no shock reducing cutouts that can induce flex. They do have enough give to absorb some vibration though so as not to rattle nuts and bolts loose from the chassis.

The Dog II

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